Monday, 3 June 2013

Welcome to Our Conference Blog

This is the blog to accompany our forthcoming conference, Devouring: Food, Drink and the Written Word, 1800-1945. As well as a means of providing you with all the official details as they come in, it is very much our hope that this blog will provide a much more informal space to open up a dialogue that engages with the themes of our conference. As such, over the coming months, we hope to bring you posts on  items such as exhibitions we have been to, books we have read, period cooking that we have done, as well as general musings on food: basically, anything that is conference related and worthy of being seen by the reading public! We also warmly invite our readers to get involved in the discussion as much as possible, so if you have an idea for a post or other contribution, get in contact with us and we’ll have a chat about it.

So stay tuned for all the food, drink, and written culture-related goodness to come.

Mary, Laura and Chris

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